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In four easy steps


Understanding You

Understanding your needs, your goals and your individual concerns is the first and most important stage of our relationship. It is only after we have spent time listening to you that we can give you the proper advice to suit your specific circumstances.


So our initial conversations with you will cover four key areas:


  • Trying to understand you. What motivates you? Your short, medium and long term goals in life.

  • Gathering some facts. In a nutshell the gathering and analysis of your financial data to understand your current position.

  • Understanding your attitude to risk and reward.

  • Getting from you some timescales for achieving your priorities.



Uncomplicated but Practical Guidance

We will take time to consider your current situation, lifestyle needs and priorities before presenting with our ideas. We begin to develop your plan. This shows us:


  • Where you are now.

  • Where you are going if nothing changes.

  • What’s necessary to get to where you want to be. Our recommendations will be presented to you in a clear, uncomplicated way helping you to make an informed decision.


Following on is …..


Putting Things in Place for You

At this stage we can start to implement the changes that will help you achieve your plan:


  • Initially we will focus on the affordable priorities:

  • We will fully explain our recommendations.

  • We will get your approval to take action.

  • We will then act and review our actions with you.



Review and Ongoing Care for You

Once we have taken action and implemented your plan, we will then confirm our next appointment so that your plan can be reviewed and updated it on a regular basis.


  • We will arrange a review after implementation to confirm that we are on course.

  • We will schedule in appointments for future reviews with you.

  • We will ensure your plan remains current.

  • We will monitor progress and make adjustments as required with your agreement.

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