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About Us

We're human too

(If you want to know just how human we are, all the photos on the site were taken by members of our team.)


MAPS Wealth Management Ltd is a small Independent Financial Adviser based in the town of Rayleigh in Essex.  

Our team may be small, but we pack a punch! Currently made up of only 3 members it’s safe to say you will always know who you’re talking to on the other end of the phone!  

Ever wondered where MAPS got its name from? Originally working in tandem with a long established mortgage advice firm, MAPS stood for Mortgage and Pension Shop but like all things in this world things change. MAPS Wealth has done some growing and shaping of its own to become the little independent firm we know today. 

In 2013 MAPS Wealth became directly regulated, making the decision to focus on wealth management and planning. This change was headed up by John - Company director and Advisor who has almost 40 years’ experience in the financial profession and a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share with anyone who will listen.  

Our newest team member is Corinne. Corinne comes to us with a wealth of experience in the banking industry. Her expertise and fresh perspective are sure to contribute significantly to our team's success.


We pride ourselves on delivering the best service available, suited to you and your financial needs. 


We believe that every client is different. Taking the time to get to know you as a person, what you want and how we can help you achieve this, is our only goal. There is nothing more important than enjoying the life you have created for yourself. We believe that everyone should be able to reach their ‘one day’ dreams.

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