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R. Headley Nottinghamshire 

"What more can we say? Over Many years you (John) and your team have always provided such excellent advice and service and we count you all now as good friends."

I. Boyes Hexham

"[John] has given excellent advice since first investing  money via MAPS. My wife and I are grateful for all MAPS Wealth Management Ltd have done and would highly recommend the service given."

J. Tipler Romford

"I have known John and Julie for 20+ years. Now Tilly has joined they make the perfect team. They are always very polite and explain any changes to my accounts clearly. Excellent service. I would definitely recommend."

J. Matthews, Wickford

"We were introduced to John in 2017 by a fellow professional and have been impressed with his competence, advice and knowledge; he takes the time to explain and illustrate the implications of any advice given, in my own case, allowing me to take the big step into retirement, enabling us to now enjoy the fruits of work life, for that John, I am truly grateful.


John and, now with Tilly alongside, meet with us regularly to discuss our portfolio and they are always available to answer any queries we may have. Our experience of John's guidance, gives us good reason to look forward to a long working relationship with himself and his team."

G. Hawker, Chelmsford

"I was preparing to retire in May 2017 and my financial plan was simply to maximise my monthly pension income.  A view challenged by a pre-retirement course which strongly recommended independent finance advice.


I had had great help from MAPS previously so was more than happy to meet with John who, with patience and great good humour, helped me to clarify what I wanted to do in retirement and what funds I would need to achieve that.


I now have a financial plan that makes sense to me and is managed such that I can meet the day to day necessities and, short of armageddon, should ensure that there can be many adventures in my future.


I'm very pleased with the advice and information that I have received -

thanks John!"

N.A.B. Brentwood

"With the complexity and dynamic nature of UK and international markets; along with the need to be alert to the opportunities afforded by a range of other forms of investments, it is essential to secure independent and reliable financial advice. 


MAPS provide clients with regular "Overview" reports; along with advice based on each person's declared preferences for Risk exposure. This in turn is translated into the shape of investments made, and reviewed real-time, in Trusts and within individual holdings.  

As a family we are clear that the bespoke advice given to us by MAPS has greatly enhanced our funds over a period of many years.  The advice is consistently friendly and is pitched at a level to help our understanding of the forces at large."

Williamson, Sudbury

"John Quigley has been my financial advisor for longer than I care to remember - twenty plus years? Nearly half my lifetime! In the early days I was passably aware of the best options open to me for securing and improving my financial position. It was good to see it improve under John's management. As life became busier I followed the financial world less (despite John's enthusiastic encouragement to take a portion of my money to "play" with investing myself).


My confidence in the ability of John and his colleagues to maximise my gains, minimise my losses and take advantages of plans or schemes appropriate to my situation has grown with the years. I consistently find that my finances are outperforming those of friends. As the financial world grows ever more complicated it is a great relief to know that "MAPS" is keeping my finances on track for me."

Paul and Wendy Gardiner

"We first met John Quigley when he was working for the halifax Building Society in Brentwood about thirty years ago. 

About the time when he left the Halifax to form MAPS, I had taken an early retirement package from fords and we had a substantial amount to invest. 

John advised us to invest in stock ISA's and in the early days the markets were extremely volatile and the value of our investments plummeted. However, John's knowledge of the markets and confidence that the markets would recover, saw us through this turmoil. 

With John and his teams regular interaction since then our portfolio has grown and we have been taking profits to spend on holidays and property improvements. 

I would recommend the services of MAPS, because of John's friendly manner, knowledgable understanding of Financial Services described in a way that is easy to understand and the teams fast response to changing markets."

D. Coyle - Essex

"Initial contact was to sort and clarify my pension options.

The advice given has proven very satisfying

I have found service on a personal and professional level excellent"

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